Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Chalice Labyrinth

Lone Eagle Labyrinth

The Chalice Labyrinth is a 6-circuit design from the classical tradition with labyrs added to increase directional changes and to give the design the appearance of a cross (Chartres tradition). The entrance is also enhanced to resemble a "chalice" that is supporting the meditative area at the center of the labyrinth. Lastly, this design incorporates an enlarged center area to accommodate more walkers.

Please note the sacred geometric connotations in the bottom portion of the design:

- the 3 left circuits (representing heaven) meeting
- the 4 right circuits (representing earth) at
- the entrance chalice (representing the Christ consciousness)

Another interesting facet of the Chalice Labyrinth is that the walker completes the three outer circuits of all four quadrants before walking the three inner circuits. Metaphysically, the seventh chakra in the Chalice Labyrinth is the labyrinth's center.

The Chalice Labyrinth could be a viable option for those who want the simplicity of the classical design but also the beauty and directional switches (labyrs) of the Chartres labyrinth design.

Chalice Labyrinth Diagram

The Chalice Labyrinth design is offered freely to anyone who wants to reproduce it. A comprehensive tutorial can be found here.


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