Sunday, June 02, 2013

I Am Infinite

I Am Infinite
I Contain Multitudes

I am the trees and flowers that grow upon my Earth.
I am the winds of change that moves across the land.
I am the waves that crash the shores of time.
I am the sky that holds the stars, the moon and the sun.
I am storms that flash within the changing seasons.
I am the sounds of life being born anew within the world.
I am the beauty of spring and the harsh cold of winter.
I am the Great Mother, Wheel of Life and call of death.
I am and have always been, for I live inside your heart.
Blessed be thy children.

Poetry by Lady Abigal found at Ravensgrove Coven 
Copyright © 04292010

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Heaven On Earth Silk Mandala Trees

Tree of Enlightenment
Some lovely mandala art from Heaven On Earth Silks.
Very beautiful. 

Tree of Creativity
Tree of Transformation
Tree of Love
Tree of Peace
Tree of Life
Tree of Balance

Tree of Health


Ten thousand dreams and wishes,
imprinted on golden bits of cellulose
One by one, in tens and hundreds,
falling to the ground to plant themselves
Fingerlings and arms and tendons,
bare to the blue sky–reach and reach again
Diamond ice bracelets and earrings
and droplets of pure pale silver sparkle
Winged things can’t help but stop
here before sailing on the ocean winds

A man walks below
and sits down on a cold bench there
His feet crush the little gold bits on the ground;
they fracture into more gold
He takes out a journal, heavy with content -
his back sags over the pages
His head is full of things, it sinks down on his shoulders.
He writes and writes.

He writes two words in Latin and a note…
an unremarkable varietal specimen...
The tree goes back to dreaming.

~Grace Gibson
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