Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Chakras

Chakras are concentrated points of energy. There are many chakras all over the body, but most healing systems focus on the seven major chakras that are placed at intervals in a line roughly corresponding to the spinal column.

Some cultures picture the chakra as a spinning wheel or sun, others as a flower, a lotus or rose, its petals unfolding as the chakra is activated. Each chakra has its own color and function as laid out below:
  1. Root of the Spine - Red - Vitality, sex drive, personal attraction, power.
  2. Spleen - Orange - Will power, intelligence, logic.
  3. Solar Plexus - Yellow - The most important chakra. Helps control and direct energy effectively.
  4. Heart - Green - Love, growth, wealth, generosity, nature.
  5. Throat - Electric blue - Psychic change and control, creativity, healing.
  6. Brow - Indigo - Telepathy, mediumship, psychic communication, intuition.
  7. Crown of the Head - Violet - Spiritual lessons, psychic power, complete understanding fulfilment.

Lots of cool information about chakaras can also be found at:
Wellsphere: What are Chakras?

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