Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Attention Goes Where Energy Flows

Attention is quite naturally attracted to bright lights, shiny objects, and loud noises, but we may not realize that the common factor of all three is their energy intensity. Attention is attracted to any strong source of energy that stimulates any of our senses, even those subtle senses of which most people are unaware.

Certain people, because of their emotional intensity or sensory focus, have such a strong aura or energy field that they automatically attract the attention of others whenever they come into view. On a larger scale, some geographical areas - usually areas of high earthquake activity or potential - have a higher energy intensity than others, thereby attracting greater populations, which increase the energy even more.

Much is written nowadays about sacred power spots, but I think their power is a passive one that allows you to relax and destress from the really active power spots of urban centers. The tingling sensations and psychic phenomena experienced at such places occur as you begin to relax and your bottled-up energy from the more highly active place you came from begins to flow. Human beings are such energy generators themselves, howvever, that if a lot of them move to a nice, quite, passive power spot, they can soon turn it into an active, dynamic, and possibly stressful power spot.

~Serge Kahili King

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