Monday, August 06, 2007

Mandala Mondays

From Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop comes this really cool idea.

"This is my not-so-secret mission to spread the word that we are NEVER too old to color. Trust me, coloring mandalas is the best kind of coloring of all! It is a peaceful project that can support and enhance well-being by relieving stress. I love to create mandalas for you to color, share and enjoy. One mandala can be colored a million different ways, so why not color a mandala a day?!"

Simply download the free PDF coloring book quality copies offered on the site, and treat yourself to a fresh box of crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Please submit your colored mandala (scanned or photographed) to be posted to the Monday Mandalas album in the Gallery and you will be automatically entered into the monthly drawing for a chance to win a pair of colorful Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop earrings.

Isn't this a cool idea? Why not support Jakk and have some fun playing and coloring, and then follow through by actually submitting the mandala? Who knows, you might even win something really nifty! The mandala at the top of this post is today's Monday Mandala, lovingly created by Jakk, to get a really good copy of it to color, visit her site and download the pdf.

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