Tuesday, August 14, 2007


From Discover Meditation here is something really nice for today:

The Secret Key

Love is the secret key. It opens the door of the divine.
Truth is hidden as love in the deepest core of your being.
Truth is not logic; it is an explosion of love.

How do we find it?
Through facing the unknown.

Normally we seek the known. Mind seeks the known. Mind is repetitive. It likes what it already knows. The unknown brings up fear. By finding the courage to face the unknown, you discover the art of meditation, the art of dropping the mind. Even if you drop the mind only for a few moments, you can look at the unknown and this is what makes you wise.

When and Where:
Any opportunity you get to face the unknown - face it. Notice the mind coming in trying to create logical outcomes - and let the mind pass by. Allow yourself to rest in the unknown, without fear, with trust that all is well.

Love makes you wise, but never knowledgeable. The known is the mind, the unknown is the divine. Love comes through the unknown, with the unknown, as part of the unknown. To move into the unknown requires tremendous courage. You are rewarded with wisdom and understanding.... the greatest wealth possible.


This is from: Discover Meditation Training
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  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    A great posting there and so true. The wisdom love creates is a wisdom that transcends mere knowing. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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