Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mandala of Auspicious Elements

A Maithila painting.

This mandala is rich in symbolism and is directly connected to the kohbar wall paintings for auspicious marriage. This painting, and many more can be found at Exotic India.

The parrots symbolize the love birds and they feature constantly as images of the bride and bridegroom in folk songs and poetry. They are an inseperable element in Maithila paintings representing the happy lovers. Encircling the parrots is a ring of fishes, brightly coloured in variety of patterns. The fishes are emblems of fertility and proliferation and thus an essential symbol of 'kohbar' paintings. Beautiful drawn and painted lotus flowers occupy the remaining space. The lotus signifies fertility and auspiciousness. since, it is associated with goddess Lakshmi, it is personified as the bride desirous of the qualities possessed by the goddess.

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