Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hints and Tips for Smudging

If you are unfamiliar with smudging, here are some hints and tips for a better, safer experience:

  • Protect your hands. The smudge stick gets HOT, make sure use a heat-proof bowl, Abalone Shell or place sand in the bottom of a clay bowl, you need to prevent the heat generated at the tip from scalding your hands.

  • Cinders will fall from the smudge stick as it burns - some of which may still be hot enough to burn - so it is important to use a rest of some kind.

  • Disable or turn off smoke alarms before smudging indoors - and then remember to turn them back on when you are done.

  • Smudge sticks can be difficult to light, so you may find it easier to use a candle, cigarette lighter or taper. These will keep a flame longer and give you a better chance of getting your smudge stick going.

  • Walk in an anti-clockwise direction for banishing and a clockwise direction for attraction.

  • Avoid smudging around people with respiratory problems.

  • Never leave a smouldering smudge stick unattended.

  • Ensure the smudge stick is extinguished fully, before leaving it or putting it away.

  • Do not extinguish the smudge stick in water, this will ruin it. Instead, smother it by pushing the burning end firmly into a container of sand or fine salt.

  • Smudging is often used in conjunction with a chant, or prayer - your choice.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom- much love

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom- much love


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