Monday, July 29, 2013

Astrological Chart of the Grand Sextile

From The Galactic Space Book, we have an image of the astrology chart for the grand sextile. The Grand Trine and Grand Sextile aspects are accentuated to highlight their geometry.

This image appears to me to be the template for an altar to utilize for the Day Out of Time, the New Year and for the day of the Grand Sextile. I've included the copy of the astrology chart so that you can see the positions of the planets. For the purpose of the altar I would suggest placing stones on each of the points to represent each of the planets. Through this method we will actualize the Stargate in all of our ceremonies. You can, of course, just meditate on this image if you are a solo practitioner or group of individuals not able to create an altar for yourself.

Here's another chart, slightly different, showing the flow of energy around the Star of David and the two Grand Trines.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas here. You are appreciated!

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