Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Collection of Zen Enso Art

Belonging to Zen Buddhism, the Enso is a circle, drawn quickly and simply with a brush stroke although years of practice in the art of calligraphy are likely to have preceded the ease with which the symbol can be drawn. The Enso symbolizes eternity, the perfect meditative state, the "no thing," and enlightenment.

What follows is a collection of Zen Enso Circles in a variety of styles and interpretations:

From: Darma Art Fragments
Toyokuni Toshidama
Prints of Japan
Dragon Enso
by Catherine Jao
Enso Blu
Zen Circle
From Misija Komunikacije
Enso Circle
Rainbow Enso
Found at Pics Box
Found at Body of Work
Zen Circle by Peter Cutler
Painting After John Cage

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