Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Enso by Miura Joten

Within not one thing are inexhaustible treasures--
there are flowers, there is the moon, there are pleasure pavillions.

~The old fellow Hekiun
of Matsushima.*

Enso by Miura Joten (1872-1958)

Hekiun was Joten's Zen master name; Matsushima is the location of Zuigan-ji, the temple where Joten served as abbot.

This is a "not one thing" enso with  the often used inscription that tells us :"Yes, all things are empty, but that does not mean nothing exists--the world is full of delights that we should enjoy but not cling to." Joten was quite skilled with a brush, and did many interesting and unusual Zenga during  his long life. This is a fine example of his work.

About the Artist

Miura Joten was long-time abbot of Zuigan-ji in Matsushima, and also served as Primate of the Myoshin-ji branch of Rinzai Zen. Joten was a prolific and creative Zen artist
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